My thoughts on Fall Out Boy's new music video

Alright, so I just saw FOB’s new video for “What a Catch Donnie”, and I have to say that I was very surprised by it.  Ever since “A Little Less Sixteen Candles” their videos have been, in my opinion, very pretentious and, when it comes to the things that they want to convey to their fans with their videos, badly done and in your face about it.  Watching some of them was like watching Pete Wentz stand atop a soap box and shout about how much he simultaneously hates and loves himself and the people he has met on his way to stardom.  However, with “What a Catch Donnie” I actually loved the video and what it had to say about Patrick, and possibly even Joe, Andy and the rest of the Fueled by Raman group of musicians.  For me the video is his way of saying that they don’t need him to hold their hands anymore, as well as him acknowledging how lonely Patrick must have felt while FOB was becoming famous. 

Yes Patrick has always said that he doesn’t mind being on the backburner, but I never really fully believed that.  I mean think about it, put yourself in his shoes and try to imagine what it would be like to have the kind of talent he has, be the lead singer and composer for a band as famous as FOB, and not be the front man, ignored by most of the media and fans while your best friend basks in the glory.  If I were Patrick I wouldn’t be able to handle that, I’d fold under all the pressure and self doubt, wondering why I’m not good enough to be loved like my friend is loved. 

The boat that Patrick captains in the video is a symbol for his loneliness and isolation, as well as the music that he creates.  Every day it’s the same routine where he wakes up and takes care of his boat as well as himself, with nobody to talk to or admire his hard work out there on the open sea.  He’s so alone that he even takes in an injured seagull as his closest companion.  The bird’s not a person, but it is flesh and blood and it stays with Patrick and makes him happy because it’s something he cares for that, in a way, actually does thank him for it.  So now, the lone sailor and Scuttle Jr. are in a way content with their day to day toil, till Patrick starts to hook random objects from other music videos as he fishes off the bow of his boat.  The fuck?  He then investigates with a pair of binoculars when smoke is spotted in the distance.  A luxury cruise liner (that kind of looks suspiciously like the Titanic =) ) is sinking on the horizon, life boats full of old friends, who preferred the lifestyle of such an extravagant vessel (popular music) over Patrick’s little tug boat (real music made from blood sweat and tears).  Patrick rescues them and he welcomes them as they all dance and sing with happiness and thank their savior.  But, wait, where the hell it Pete Motherfucking Wentz?  One last look with the binoculars reveals that he’s still on the sinking cruise liner, smiling and waving farewell from the bird’s nest.  He’s sinking with his ship (all his fame and the mess that it made of his friends), and he’s happy about it.

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Eddie: Fuck off!


Michael Jackson died yesterday.  For me the news was a surprising yet unsurprising at the same time, kind like when Steve Erwin died.  I had always thought that Steve would get his head bitten off by an alligator, not stabbed in the fucking heart by a sting ray, and that Michael’s face would finally fall off and his alien parents would take him back to his home world, not keel over from a heart attack. 

The tv, magazines, and internet are going crazy of course, so crazy that they barely touch on Farrah Fawcett’s death on the same day.  I myself couldn’t care less.  Yeah, I’m not that happy that two famous people that did a lot for pop culture and the entertainment of millions are suddenly dead on the same day, but I wasn’t a huge fan of either of them in the first place.  I’m part of generation y, born in 1989 and not really able to take it all in till 1994, and even then I didn’t really appreciate it.  It wasn’t till about 2005 when I was fifteen or so when I really started to understand and miss the nuances of 90’s Nickelodeon shows such as Ren & Stimpy.  God that shit was mind numbing; and brilliant now that I am of an age to enjoy it.  Well anyway, my point is that I never really gorged myself on any of Fawcett or Jackson’s work, I spent time that I could be doing that gorging myself on Green Day’s work.  Damn, you don’t know how much I hate that I missed so much of Green Day’s career.  I almost loathe the fact that my parents raised me on country music, even though I still have a place in my heart for George Straight, Brooks and Dunn, and Garth Brooks.  

My mother can’t seem to care less either, though she’s really irritated that Jackson is stealing Farrah’s spot light.  There’s pictures of my mother sporting an epically awesome Farrah do in about a million pictures floating around our house.  Almost every time she sees one she points out how perfect her hair was for the style, and I have to admit that it really did suit the shape of her face.

I have to go to work at four thirty and stay till close.  Right now I don’t really want to go because I had a late night.  Going to see the new Transformers flick, fan-girling over Shia LaBeouf, not getting out of the theatre till nine thirty, and reading half of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape in one sitting will do that to a person.  I think it’ll be alright though; I’m used to this shit.  Ever since I graduated high school (a year ago) I haven’t really been sleeping at night.  Staying up, watching tv and reading either half a book or a ton of internet fanfiction is my thing.  God I need a life.

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Observe and Report movie review

The story revolves around Ronnie Barnhardt (Seth Rogen) who is head of mall security, as well as a stubborn bipolar, who is bent on bringing down a flasher who has been victimizing women in the parking lot, including Barnhardt’s love interest, Brandi (Anna Faris).   While investigating the flasher case, as well as a robbery days later, he crosses Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta), and after, what normal people would think of as an embarrassing exchange where Barnhardt is verbally abused by the detective, he decides to enroll in the police academy and prove to himself and everybody else that he is a hero.  But to his dismay he fails the psychological exam due to his history of mental illness and delusional personality.  He then goes on a crusade to defend the mall, it’s employees, and himself.

This funny, exiting, and sometimes disturbing movie was realistic look into the mind of a man who has failed at so much in his life, but looks over all of this because no matter what he truly believes that he is a hero and deserves the respect that is hardly ever given to him.  Barnhardt’s will is strong and he’s not afraid to stand up for himself and others.  In my mind he is a hero, and despite what those two Bens on At the Movies said about their inability to relate, I rooted for him and commiserated completely. 
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Recently I've been looking back and finding things on youtube and other websites that bring me back to my past. Things like old Nickelodeon shows from the 90's, commercials for toys that I had growing up, and songs and singers that I loved but since have grown away from.

I've found that I miss a lot of those things dearly, and that I should stop looking up all this stuff because if I don't I'll never be able to get over the fact that I didn't appreciate them like I should have back then.

My case and point; Garth Brooks. When I was younger I loved him, and I didn't know why and now that I look back I've figured it out. He wasn't like all the other country and western singers of his day. Yes he sang his share of songs about love, heartbreak, getting drunk, and riding in the rodeo, but his main differene was that his songs had more meaning to them then just what was on the surface.

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I don't know if y'all see it, but I can't help but think that the message that Garth Brooks is trying to get across in this song and video is kind of similar to the messages that MCR weaves into the storylines of their songs. I know what you think I'm trying to say right now, but that's not it. What I'm trying to say is that I think that Garth Brooks influenced me more than what I give him credit for. I used to think that Green Day and MCR where the first musical acts in my life to teach me life lessons and to give me hope that one day I will be a successful person and find my own way to touch lives much like they have touched mine, but I was wrong.

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My Father

I love my father.  Sometimes I love him even more than my mother. 

My father gives off the impression that he's very well educated, despite the fact that he only has a GED, he's constantly reading something, and he routinely engages in debates and conversations were we become equals and everything is on the playing field.  He's tough.  He didn't cry at my grandfather's funeral, and when I broke my leg and was waiting in pain all night long because the doctors couldn't see the hairline fracture on my x-ray he read to me till I fell asleep, and then waited for the next wave to wake me so he could comfort me in the same way again.  I wouldn't be who I am today because of my father.  I wouldn't love Edgar Allen Poe because he would have never read me The Raven as a bedtime story, nor would I love to read or write as much as I do, or speak with a vocabulary that, at times, baffles my mother.

Though, there are things about my father that makes me want to hate him.  Behind closed doors he calls gay people perverts, is sometimes racially insensitive, and agrees with my skin head uncle when he says "Yup...I can't wait till someone shoots Obama, that Alkihda loving nigger son of a bitch."

The most recent example of this happening was when me and my father was watching Good Will Hunting about an hour ago.  There was this scene where the professor guy is watching Matt Damon write the answer to a very complex math equation on a chalk board.  The professor gets up and alters the equation, and Matt Damon follows along with the changes.  They both stand back, smile, sit down, then the professor guy ruffles Matt Damon's hair in a fatherly way that says "Great job slugger." 

Now this was when my father turned to me and said, "Now that's just the kind of thing that proves that that guy is a pervert."

I couldn't believe it. 

"Why?" I asked. 

"Because men don't touch each other like that."

"He ruffled his hair.  When a guy does that to a friend, or more likely his son, it's a form of physical contact to mean that the person who's hair is being ruffled has made the person who is doing the ruffling proud."

"That's only in movies and on tv.  Real men don't touch each other like that in real life, only perverts do"

Dad got up to go make some popcorn and I just sat there in shock.  What the fuck?!  What kind of person would see two people interacting in a form of physical contact that usually is perceived to be communicating a kind of fatherly affection, and judge it as being a homosexual act?  In all honesty I knew at the time that I shouldn't have been so upset that my father called every guy who ruffles his son's, or a friend's hair, perverts, (his code word for homosexuals) but I was upset.  

When dad came back with his popcorn a commercial for The Wrestler, a movie starring Mickey Rouke as, you guessed it, a wrestler, was on tv and he expressed his interest in seeing the movie.  So I, feeling like I should make myself feel better by being a smartass, and because we were still kind of discussing the hair ruffling topic said…

“You know wrestlers touch like pervert’s do as well.”

“That’s just within the wrestling arena.  Football player smack each other’s asses in the locker room, and that doesn’t make them perverts.”

I went upstairs after that.  I just couldn’t handle the fact that my father had made me so upset over nearly nothing, as well as the other fact that he just about canceled out his earlier statement about hair ruffling being a homosexual act by saying that a man smacking another man’s ass within the confines of a locker room is not one.  Plus, Good Will Hunting is a good movie and he kind of ruined it a little bit.